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Being Together

deepen our roots, open our hearts

As these times call us to deepen our roots in home and open our hearts to the world, we feel called to offer an opportunity to be together in somatic and spiritual resonance.

Turning To One Another

Creating Circles of Friendship and Care in these Times

Each week we will offer a nurturing space to be seen, heard and felt ,to share the complexity of experience we are all navigating in this potent time of change, to befriend ourselves, and one another, as we open our hearts to the greater whole of life and the reality/revelation of death.

    Living Well, Dying Well

    New Online Program Begins May 20th

    Join a growing conversation on aging, death and dying.  Living Well, Dying Well is a multi-generational, experiential and soulful approach to the way we live and die in modern times.

    Meaningful inquiry and dialogue invites participants into a deeper understanding of their personal challenges in relationship to death & dying. 


    What Our Participants Say

    I appreciated coming together with people of other beliefs and backgrounds. Being vulnerable can build relationship and connection
    – Bonnie M

    We began as strangers and yet through the course of our conversation we revealed such intimate stories and feelings. There was tragedy, sadness and great joy. There is a richness with being able to share meaningful conversations. They take you somewhere you might not go by yourself.
    – Sylvia K

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    Why Learn With Us?


    Inception in 2003

    The Centre for Earth & Spirit Society has been offering life-affirming programs that inspire consciousness for the human stewardship for the Earth.

    Reconnecting people

    To nature fosters a sense of peace and connectedness with each other and the natural world.

    Engaging our collective wisdom

    We remember that we are not separate from – but connected to – the earth and to all of humanity.

    Clarion Call

    Addressing the clarion call, we turn our eye to developing rich new programs and fruitful experiences that uplift our community, and inspire participation and healing.

    John T Shields: His Legacy Lives On

    Past Board Chair, Earth & Spirit

    As John gently left on his return to his beloved cosmos, he revealed a world that was a little better, a little kinder. He inspired curiosity and thoughtfulness and evoked within everyone he met, a sense of possibility and grace. His imagination was limitless as was his generosity of spirit. He blazed a trail in death as he did in life, becoming one of the first to participate in the process for medical assistance in dying. John was also one of the first to participate in Earth & Spirit’s Living Well, Dying Well – the very program he helped to design.


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    In dialogue and through experiential learning, we explore a wide range of subjects that enhance our connections with the natural world and our roles in the unfolding Universe.

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