Signature Programs

Are you seeking a program to support your organization or those whom you serve?  Are you looking for a deep moving experience for your Board retreat or staff development?  We invite you to consider an Earth & Spirit workshop or contact us to join one of our on going programs.


Through the use of storytelling, circle conversations, art and nature, we invite participants to join in a collective wisdom gathering to explore their personal and collective potential.

Join a growing conversation on aging, death and dying.  Living Well, Dying Well is a multi-generational, experiential and soulful approach to the way we live and die in modern times.

Meaningful inquiry and dialogue invites participants into a deeper understanding of their personal challenges in relationship to death & dying. Embraced in a safe and welcoming environment, compassion, belonging and curiosity blossom into significant and impactful action.

Drawing on community resources, cross-cultural wisdom, and collective insights harvested in each course, Living Well, Dying well is an evolving inquiry to encourage a respectful, honourable and eco-responsible approach for end of life.  Read More


The 8 Gates of Initiation

An invitation to Re-imagine the Second Half of Life (A 9-week Inner Journey)

Join a small group of women on an inner journey through the 8 Gates of Initiation in the Second Half of Life (as researched by Cross Cultural Anthropologist and Author, Angeles Arrien (1940 – 2014).  Through storytelling, poetry, body-based meditations, journal writing, dream tending,  group discussion and personal inquiry, we will stand on the threshold of each gate together.   Each week will explore the themes of one of the eight gates, with a ninth class to serve ceremony, celebration and the harvest of our work together.  Each week will offer tangible practices for daily life, journal explorations, meditations and suggestions for further inquiry.    Read More


Invite Earth and Spirit Community Conversation facilitators to your school, organization, or board retreat.

The conversations that emerge can become a catalyst, as you explore the strengths of your team, spark innovative ideas, foster leadership and recognize untapped potential.  With a social change focus, conversations can inspire ordinary citizens to become extraordinary stewards for social change within their community.

A Community Conversation is an invitation to enter into deep, meaningful conversations in an atmosphere of dignity, creating a space to move from small talk to big talk.  What would it take to move from talk to action?   Read More


Experience a life-changing process to give your life greater direction, vitality and purpose. Developed in 1966 by Dr. Ira Progoff, our nationally-recognized program has helped people lead more fulfilling lives. Discover resources and possibilities you could not have imagined. The Intensive Journal method is an integrated system using writing exercises in a setting of privacy and quiet to help you:

  • Gain awareness about diverse areas of your life.
  • Connect with your real self.
  • Develop a more meaningful life.

Somatic Sovereignty

Somatic Sovereignty – explores themes of somatic strength, resilience and adaptability, respons-ability to creation and the mysteries of life dreaming us into our evolutionary potential as embodied human’s kind.

Somatic Sovereignty – compliments any and all forms of yoga, movement, dance and exercise – restoring a sensible and sensual experience in every day life.

Somatic Sovereignty – is an ongoing inquiry into ways of supporting the direct experience of being embodied humans in all its messy, juicy, grievous and gracious forms.  Read More

Living in the Flow of Transition

The LIFT program excavates the layers of what it means to age consciously and honours the wisdom that people have accumulated over the journey of their lifetime.  Aging consciously means to bring to the surface of awareness any self-defeating thoughts, assumptions, attitudes and beliefs in order to transform into a positive state toward wisdom.

The LIFT program offers a roadmap for successful transition to the second half of life, encouraging seniors to become active participants within their community.

Coming Back to Story

Sacred Listening | Sacred Telling | Awakening the Storyteller

The premise of Story Circle is that by gathering in a circle and sharing stories we create a safe place to rediscover our own wisdom. When we reflect out loud, sharing stories and memories, we bring this storehouse of insight into the light and gain access to the richness and depth of our own lived experience. The key to accessing this treasure trove of wisdom is the presence of an interested, engaged listener.  By giving our whole-hearted attention, we listen stories out of each other.  By offering brief words of appreciation, we reflect the wisdom that may not be so visible to the teller.  We remind each other that every one of us has gifts to bring to the world.  And, in the process of story sharing, we are building community.