Deepen community. Honour Elders in our midst. Meet the challenges and wisdom-teachings of our times.

The Centre for Earth and Spirit Society (CESS) invites you to Coming to Our Senses 2021: Continuing the Inner Journey.

Join us for this two-hour experiential gathering to remember the four healing salves: song, dance, story, and silence (Angeles Arrien, 1940 – 2014)

As we meet on Zoom, we honour former CESS Board Chair, Bill Israel and his work with the Intensive Journal (IJ) program at William Head Institution, BC Family Caregivers, and the public offerings he has facilitated for the past 7 years. Bill brings the wholeness of his life experience to the imaginative and transformative IJ process and will invite everyone to participate in a writing journey.

Sherrill Miller will lead us on a different journey to explore our inner landscape, using the mystical images of photographer Courtney Milne to help us connect with our personal intuitive wisdom.

Meet an “important stranger,” share and express what inspires and challenges you in these times. Gentle movement and singing will round out this day of Coming to Our Senses.

Join us! Participate from the comfort of your home on Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent out to all registrants on March 11th.

Suggested contribution: $20-40 (sliding scale). Join as sponsor ($50 opens space for others). Low on funds? Join us anyway! 

There are two ways to register:

We recognize Lək̓ʷəŋən and SENĆOŦEN-speaking peoples who have stewarded these lands for millennia, and whose relationships with lands and waters continue to this day.



Bill Israel 

As a long time practitioner of the Intensive Journal® (I J) method of Dr. Ira Progoff, Bill has more than 40 years effecting his own life transitions. In his journey through three separate professional careers, Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, a Masters degree in Theology and Biblical Studies and is now a Certified Facilitator for the international I J program. Transiting a number of influential personal calamities over his adult life, Bill brings the wholeness of his life experience to his work as a consultant and facilitator of the imaginative and transformative I J process. Bill is truly engaged in the Victoria Community, as a member of The Restorative Justice Coalition at William Head Institution and a (Board Member) voluntary fund-raiser for (of) the Laren Society (operating the Bill Mudge Halfway House in James Bay). Bill is a former Board Member of The Church of Truth / Community of Conscious Living in James Bay and is a Past Board Chair and Honorary Life Member of the United Way of Greater Victoria. In 2018 Bill was granted the Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA) from the Eldercare Foundation of BC and the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Learning at the University of Victoria.


Sherrill Miller

Integrating a diverse background in nursing, counselling, and palliative care, Sherrill Miller works with Courtney Milne’s mystical photographic images in profoundly moving ways. She weaves symbolic, artistic, psychological and spiritual concepts into a tapestry that assists individuals and groups to discover ways of navigating through the mystery of life in a deeper, more meaningful way. Her Gift of Change show explores loss through an inspirational multimedia journey about reclaiming oneself, reinventing a life, and finding ways to re-enchant that life. In Landscapes of Consciousness workshops she guides participants to move from knowledge to intuitive wisdom, using an “inner landscape” process evolved through years of creative exploration in enhancing the panorama of our possibilities of being in the world.