Moving Towards the Roar

A seasonal journey for sassy and sagacious women.

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Join us for these once a season, Sunday gatherings that fall near the cross quarter points in the old Celtic Calendar, times when a new season is emerging, rhythms change and energies of nature conspire to inform and support us.


Life calls for a different pace as we age, new questions arrive, fresh perception is necessary, and a deeper interest and inquiry into the mysteries of life and what it means to be earthlings and soulbeings on this wandering star that is our home.

To wonder – into not only what we want out of life, but what life is asking of us now.

To wander – with wild uncertainty.

Modern times call us into this inquiry with more fervor and fire than ever – fire on the land, creative fire, passion fire, digestive fire…..



Suggested investment for each session:  $100 – $125. 

Commit to sign up for all four sessions:  $375


Nov 4, 2018
Heed & Rest
Winter’s Hush

Feb 3, 2019
Rise & Shine
Spring’s Song

May 5, 2019
Flourish & Fervor
Summer’s Dance

Jul 28, 2019
Yield & Fall
Autumn’s Descent

$375 for all 4 Sessions

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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We need containers dark and earthy, sturdy and resilient – hearty and hearthy…voluminous and vivacious. Embodied wisdom is needed more than ever, in a time when senses are accosted and common sense is uncommon.


Through storytelling, poetry, writing, creative process, sharing, somatic inquiry (embodied practices) and ceremony, we will land together in a circle of soul connection where Mystery is invited, questions live, laughter reigns and grief dances.

We will explore what life is asking of us now? What mystery is speaking our name? What dreams are illuminating paths not taken, yet still available? What physical challenge might be conspiring to deliver us into deeper embodied wisdom?

We will discover common threads of concern and care, where unknown and unnamed longings emerge out of the soup of collective listening. Embodied wisdom bubbles in this cauldron of care and shared sagacity.

For those called to commit to all four sessions, perceptual play and embodied practices in alignment with seasonal rhythms are offered during the three months between sessions to support slow and subtle shifts in the body, movement and life.

Penny Allport – Life-Cycle Celebrant, Yoga & Continuum Teacher, End of Life and Home Funeral Guide, has been facilitating inquiry-based classes, retreats and gatherings for over twenty-five years exploring themes of passage, transition, transformation and the travails (labors) of being human. Moving Towards the Roar is inspired by fifteen years of exploring and sharing Re-dreaming The Second Half of Life, 8 Gates of Wisdom (as researched by Angeles Arrien, Cross-cultural Anthropologist and Author).

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