Re-enchanting the Second Half of Life

The 8 Gates of Initiation

A Weekend Retreat

Re-enchanting the Second Half of Life:  The 8 Gates of Initiation is an embodied and earth-based approach for cultivating and experiencing deeper meaning and resilience in the second half of life (cross-culturally age 36 and older!)

Embraced by the enchanted surround of Earthspring Sanctuary, we enter a slower rhythm and meet the still small, sometimes cantankerous voices longing to be heard.

Through storytelling, partner and group sharing, solo time in nature, journaling and creative expression we will  land on the threshold of 8 gates of initiation (research of Angeles Arrien, The Second Half of Life).  We’ll explore the challenges and gifts of these potent thresholds as we endeavour to live the life we are uniquely called to live.

Through gentle embodied and perceptual practices of awareness we will nurture a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense of belonging to Mystery, and experience renewed strength to meet what life delivers in this phase of a precious human life.

Together we will co-create a ceremony of commitment to that which longs for our attention and care at this time in our lives.

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Penny Allport engages the awe of a fleshy and fierce experience of being human. For over two decades she has facilitated groups in soul stewardship, creative process, perceptual play, Yoga, dreamtime and ceremony.  This particular offering draws on the Eight Gates of Wisdom in The Second Half of Life as researched by Cross-Cultural Anthropologist and Author, Angeles Arrien, who was a mentor of Penny’s for almost two decades, and who authorized her to share and grow this work in the world.   

For more information call or email Penny:  604-803-4607