The 8 Gates of Initiation

A 9-Week Inner Journey

The 8 Gates of Initiation:

An Invitation to Re-imagine the Second Half of Life

A 9-Week Inner Journey


Join a small group of women on a 9-week inner journey through the 8 Gates of Initiation in the Second Half of Life (as researched by Cross Cultural Anthropologist and Author, Angeles Arrien (1940 – 2014).

Through storytelling, poetry, body-based meditations, journal writing, dream tending,  group discussion and personal inquiry, we will stand on the threshold of each gate together.   Each week will explore the themes of one of the eight gates, with a ninth class to serve ceremony, celebration and the harvest of our work together.  Each week will offer tangible practices for daily life, journal explorations, meditations and suggestions for further inquiry. Themes of the gates include:  Facing the Unknown, Discovering ones True Face, Changing Body, Relationships as Spiritual Practice, Creativity & Generativity, Authenticity & Character, the Presence of Grace, Non-attachment and Letting go.

You will leave with a journal and a personal medicine bundle of resources to serve further inquiry in the future as you recognize and meet these gates in the continuum of life. No doubt you will also meet a few new friends to share the journey with!

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Penny Allport – Continuum Teacher, Life-cycle Celebrant, Facilitator & Stewarding Soul, with the blessing and mentorship of Angeles Arrien, has been offering a soul-centric approach to the 8 Gates with individuals and groups for over a decade.