Navigating Transitions
-Opening 8 Gates of Wisdom

A 10-Session Inner Journey

Navigating Transitions:

Opening 8 Gates of Wisdom

A 10-Session Inner Journey over 20 Weeks


Navigating Transitions, 8 Gates of Wisdom is an invitation to return to the soul’s highest values, deepen character, harvest meaning and embody spiritual maturity. The COVID 19 crisis finds us in a time of great transition as a global community; we are being called to become exceptional Elders, regardless of our age. 

Join us on a luminous journey for navigating these dark times – to reclaim unattended gifts, shift from ambition to meaning and contribution, and to trust this dissolution we are all in together.

Through storytelling, listening, sharing, song and silence, we invite you to put on your inner walking shoes and pick up your soul (walking) sticks as we navigate these transitions of change (gates) together!  

An online zoom exploration with Penny Allport and friends. For more information please contact Penny at or 604-803-4607.   

Note: This journey draws on the work of cross-cultural anthropologist, author and teacher Angeles Arrien, who Penny was blessed to mentor with for over two decades.

Additional information:

More land-based cultures have always known the power of rites of passage. Times in one’s life when it is imperative for the health of the whole that we be differentiated from our previous life, and through a series of initiatory experiences, delivered back into the welcome of the village.

COVID19 has brought this power to life for all of humanity, as we find ourselves in the midst of a great transition – together.  A species in a deep time of crisis and change, our brains in need of an upgrade and our heart’s longing for coherent and tangible ways to navigate this initiatory passage with grace and grit.

These universal and enduring eight gates are such a way. Offering symbolic and tangible ways to meet these thresholds through reflection, inquiry and life affirming action, each gate strengthens and deepens us to navigate through necessary threshing without falling into patterns of collapse, refusal or attempts to push through.

A somatic approach – meaning to include the living body beneath cultural conditioning in our journey, cultivating awareness and interest into previously unexplored perceptual capacities, can offer us a real possibility for deep systemic and coherent change as humans.

Many questions arise at this time.  Will we take this global invitation to restore humanity to its place in the mystery of all of life? Will we accept this descent into humble and embodied reverence for every living being, responsible to and for one another?  Will we meet this time with curiosity, reverence and care for life and death?

These gates make no promises, they offer an invitation and inquiry …

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Penny Allport – Continuum Teacher, Life-cycle Celebrant, Facilitator & Stewarding Soul, with the blessing and mentorship of Angeles Arrien, has been offering a soul-centric approach to the 8 Gates with individuals and groups for over a decade.