Navigating Transitions
-Opening 8 Gates of Wisdom

A 10-Week Inner Journey

Navigating Transitions:

Opening 8 Gates of Wisdom

A 10-Week Inner Journey



Land-based cultures know the power of rites of passage. Times in one’s life when it is imperative for the health of the whole that we be differentiated from our previous life, and through a series of initiatory experiences, delivered back into the welcome of the village.

These rites seem all but lost in modern culture, where from before birth humans are initiated into the land of logo’s and branding, modeled and taught to be consumans rather than humans.

We long for coherent and tangible ways to mark initiatory passages such as the one we find ourselves in on a global scale. These universal eight gates are such a way, offering tangible ways to not only meet these thresholds, but through reflection, inquiry and life affirming action cross these thresholds in daily life.

Many questions arise at this time.  Will we take this global invitation to restore humanity to its place in the mystery of all of life, humble in embodied reverence for every living thing, responsible to and for one another?

Or, will we turn back, try to return to the way things were, grasp for what is now in the water and ungraspable?

These gates make no promises, they offer an invitation and deep inquiry … it is we who must say Yes!  The gates are a call to become part of a healthy village that welcomes and offers us welcome, bearing the gifts we came to share in the big body of creation.


21sep6:30 pm8:30 pmNavigating Transitions, Opening 8 Gates of Wisdom - Introductory Session


05oct6:30 pm8:30 pmNavigating Transitions, Opening the 8 Gates - 10 Session Journey

Penny Allport – Continuum Teacher, Life-cycle Celebrant, Facilitator & Stewarding Soul, with the blessing and mentorship of Angeles Arrien, has been offering a soul-centric approach to the 8 Gates with individuals and groups for over a decade.