The Intensive Journal Program

This amazing process that I love so much brought me to an understanding

of what my life wants me to focus on right now.J.S.

The Intensive Journal ® Program

I appreciated the flow, the pace, the rhythm of the workshop.  I fell easily into the work.  

~ E.P.

The Journal Workbook is much more than a diary or collection of exercise. It is an integrated system of writing exercises for accessing your feelings, life events and spiritual inclinations in an organized way.

Discover dormant resources in your life and possibilities you could not have imagined. The I J method can help you:

  • Connect more deeply with your personal relationships, career and social interests as well as your body.
  • Gain a foundation and perspective to realize the continuity and direction of your life. Build a basis for future decisions.
  • Use dreams and imagery as guide in your personal journey.

Working in total privacy there is no commentary, judgment, diagnosis or analysis of your writing.  The facilitator will guide you through exercises step-by-step as you apply them to your life. No special writing skill is needed. You will write what comes from within. It is not a memoir or life story. You will be able to use the method and Journal Workbook on your own following the workshop.

Progoff’s INTENSIVE JOURNAL PROCESS is one of the great inventions of our time.”

 Joseph Campbell author of The Hero of a Thousand Faces

The Intensive Journal program consists of four separate sequential workshops.

Bill Israel is a long-time practitioner of the I J method, with 42 years of experience in effecting his own life transitions. Bill worked as an ordained pastor, a group and family therapist and trained as a hospital chaplain. He now conducts a private counseling and consulting practice in Victoria, B.C., working as a Life Transition Facilitator and a Certified Facilitator for the I J program. Watch Bill’s story.

For more information contact Bill Israel: p  250-744-0590  e

 Part I: Life Context (LC) Workshop – Gaining a Perspective on Life APRIL 20 – 21, 2018

Learn the basic operating principles for using the Intensive Journal method through a direct experience in your life. This workshop covers about half of the exercises in the Intensive Journal workbook.

Develop an inner perspective on the movement of your unfolding life process. Gain greater awareness of the continuity and direction of your life as it reveals what it is trying to become.

Generate insights about major areas of your life, including personal relationships, career and special interests, and body and health. The dialogue process provides a unique way to gain feedback and momentum as you deepen your understanding of these areas of your life.
Participants are introduced to the deeper-than-conscious and spiritual dimensions.  Learn how to use wisdom figures to stimulate your inner process.

The Life Context workshop provides you with a solid experience in your life from which you can work on your own or continue on to the next module.

Prerequisite: None.

Part II: Depth Contact (DC) Workshop: Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life  APRIL 22 – 23, 2018

Deepen the quality of your experience as you focus on the exercises in the second half of the Intensive Journal workbook. Learn how to use Progoff’s unique non-analytical method to draw forth imagery and messages from your inner symbolic experiences. These can provide important leads in your unfolding life process.

Using Process Meditation™ techniques provides specific ways of developing your spiritual process in the context of your entire life. Explore experiences of connection that had significant meaning, gain insights about your ultimate concerns, and explore major themes in your life. Progoff’s advanced meditation techniques provide an avenue for greater reflection.

Prerequisite: Life Context (LC) workshop.

 Part III: Life Integration (LI) Workshop: Integrating the Life Process

Progoff said the Journal Feedback™ process is the “essence of the Intensive Journal method and one of my main contributions.”
Experience the cumulative dynamic process created from working with material in one workbook section and how it can lead to entries in other related areas. This progressively deepening process generates an inner momentum and energy as you apply Progoff’s non-analytical Journal Feedback techniques. Your workbook becomes an active instrument as you approach situations from different perspectives.

New awareness and growth become possible as you realize connections between diverse areas. You are drawing your unfolding life process forward as you move toward greater wholeness and integration.

Prerequisite: Life Context (LC) & Depth Context (DC)

 Part IV: Advanced Life-Study (LS) Workshop: Learning from Another’s Life

Learn valuable lessons about your own life by experiencing directly the life of a creative person. You will keep an Intensive Journal workbook on behalf of that person, serving as a journal trustee.

Life-Study provides a structured and proven way to experience the life, energy and ideals of your subject. Although you may begin as an outsider to the life of your wisdom figure, you will be participating in that person’s experiences from the inside using the Life-Study approach. Life-Study provides a means to obtain important insights into our own lives including:

  • a greater perspective of the changes and cycles through which an individual passes in a full life span
  • closer contact with the acts of creativity and the issues that accompanied them
  • a broader viewpoint from which to consider the fundamental values of life

Life-Study has been utilized by religious organizations to study the lives of major spiritual figures, such as their founders. It also has broad applicability with writers who need to study in detail the life of a particular person.

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Click on each for pricing and format details.  Each workshop is a 12-hour experience currently offered online via Zoom.  Bursaries are available on a ‘by donation basis’ for students and for those with little or no income.  For more information contact Bill Israel:p  250-744-0590  e or through


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