Established in 2003

Inspiring Consciousness for Human Responsibility to The Earth

Since its inception in 2003, the Centre for Earth and Spirit Society has been offering life-affirming programs that inspire consciousness for the human responsibility to the Earth. Our offerings focus on embodied eco-spirituality, eco-psychology and First Nations traditional ecological knowledge. We have also offered hands-on courses in permaculture, ecology and restoration.

Reconnecting people to nature fosters a sense of peace and connectedness with each other and the natural world. Weaving storytelling, community conversations, and engaging in our collective wisdom, we remember that we are not separate from – but connected to – the earth and to all of humanity.

Our  Mission Statement

The Centre for Earth and Spirit Society is a charitable organization offering sacred spaces for cultivating meaningful conversation, contemplation, and community. Through life affirming action, we co-create opportunities to deepen relationships and reciprocity with the Earth and all beings. 

The Five Principles

Through Our Words, Actions & Beliefs We Intend to Embody Tessaro, Restoule, et al.’s (2008) Five R’s for Indigenizing Learning

Reciprocity . Respect . Relationship . Relevance . Responsibility

With Thanks!

With gratitude to all those who contributed images to the site:

Alex Harris, Alice L. Meyers, Arifin Graham, Colin J. McMechan, Courtney Milne/University of Saskatchewan Archives, Leslye Davis/The New York Times, Kim Holl, Penny Allport, Renate Ringer, Sandra Thomson, Stephen J. Ford, and the many others who provided bio and stock images. If you see yourself pictured here as a workshop participant and wish to discuss permissions, we welcome your feedback!