Orca Soundings

celebrating the remaining southern resident Orca

A Community Theatre in Action Approach

Orca Soundings is an initiative celebrating the remaining southern resident Orca of the Salish Sea.  A group of artists have been creating beauty-filled puppets with a community theatre in action approach, to share the vast wonders of our whale friends of the Salish Sea through community interest and participation.

This art project uses whale sculptures and their human guardians, in a performance that reflects the wide-spread knowledge of—both traditional and scientific— and love for these whales.

The Centre for Earth and Spirit housed Orca Soundings in its beginnings as an informal network to profile and gather support for the southern Orcas.

Until we extend the circle of our compassion towards all living things, we ourselves will not find peace.

~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer

“With the population of resident Orca now down to 78 individuals, our little human group mirrors the whales in more ways than just numbers and range of ages. Like us, these Orca have complex cultures and diverse languages. They care for their families and are led by matriarchs, long after their reproductive years. They have rituals for sharing territory. They sing, share their food, play, court, nurse their babies and, like us, grieve at loss.”

~ Briony Penn (Orca Ino L-54)

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