Turning To One Another

For this is the village we have longed for,

and is ours to create together now…

~ Penny Allport

Bringing Generations Together

Sharing, Listening and Witnessing

Turning To One Another is a volunteer offering that brings seniors and young people together in circles of sharing, deep listening and witnessing.

The meeting space is based in the ways of land-centred cultures, whereby a young person’s practice is to bear witness and reflect as well as participate by sharing from their own heart and experience.

Join us in community as generations come together to make new connections and grow through meaningful conversations in an ever-changing world.

Free weekly circles. Initial Commitment is 1 hour a week for four weeks. Groups are small to maintain safety, intimacy and care. Currently held on Zoom.

To Inquire

Contact Penny
250 592 6400

Please email us to join a new or ongoing circle!

Penny Allport

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

What Participants Are Saying

Denise Abegg

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

Frances Westover

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

A place to show up, to be seen and to see others. To listen with my heart and to feel myself heard in the hearts of others.

What strikes me the most is how out of touch I am with other men, and how important it is to be in the company of older men who are doing their work. Hearing others’ stories serves as a good reminder that we are not alone on this journey, and that the challenges we face are and have been repeated countless times in our evolutionary development on this rock we call home.

Apprenticing in eldership.

So heartening to be with young people who care.