Living Well, Dying Well

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deepening personal inquiry in death + dying while living well now…

A Multigenerational, Comprehensive & Somatically Sensitive Approach

Living Well – Dying Well is a multigenerational, comprehensive and somatically sensitive program tending conscious end-of-life care, which includes Advanced Care Planning, before and after death care, ecological footprint of dying and death, ceremony …. and more.

The program offers an opportunity for deepening personal inquiry, strengthening family connections and building community support networks, encouraging active participation and informed decision making with dying and death, while living well now. It was developed over six years with input from advisors in anthropology, hospice, nursing and ceremony. The program is available at an accessible rate, with support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Our Facilitators

Penny Allport

A long-time lover of world wisdom traditions and participant in ceremonies honouring the life-death-life cycle from Mexico to Bali, Africa and the Amazon informs Penny’s work as a Life-Cycle Celebrant. Fueled by a deep interest in our potential for being human’s kind, Penny facilitates multi-generational classes and retreats, combining Continuum Movement, Yoga, writing, painting and dream processes, also incorporating the work of mentor Angeles Arrien (1940-2014), Cross Cultural Anthropologist, teacher and author of The Second Half of Life, 8 Gates of Initiation. See 

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

Renate Ringer

Earth walker, star gazer, indigenous rose inhaler, ocean swimmer, wild mushroom forager and a continuing student of nature’s wisdom and the cycle of life & death. Renate’s background includes working in the health field; decades of research projects; managing urban agriculture programs and social enterprise endeavours in the non profit sector. Renate is currently exploring various additional healing arts such as: music, dance, poetry, story telling, herbology, reiki, dreamwork, and spirituality. 

Topics We Cover

For anyone who wishes to engage in conscious care with end of life!

We touch on these topics in the Living Well Dying Well program, and Penny can also offer short interactive engaging presentations on the following topics:

The Ecological Footprint of Death – How has death care changed in the last century? What are the impacts on the earth? With the reality of climate change, making healthy choices can be a living legacy for generations to come. Find out what you can do now for the future of earth and her people.

A Return to Family and Village-Centred Death Care – What happened to family & village-centred death care? How are ordinary people reclaiming this essential and integral part of the cycle of life? How can you and your family take steps to prepare and participate in end-of-life with more presence, awareness and trust? Discover how slowing down to the experience of death can deliver family and friends into the grace and gift of grief. A return to family & village-centred death care
 can liberate and enhance our lives now.

Customized Offerings

Options To Participate:

  • One Hour Introductory Sessions
  • Evening or Afternoon (2-3 Hours)
  • Six-Week On-line
  • In-person programs
  • One Day
  • Two Day/Weekend

Who Might Benefit:

  • Senior’s Facilities, Women’s Groups, Men’s Groups, Faith-Based Groups
  • Holistic Death Care Organizations, Community Centres, Caregivers, Indigenous individuals and communities, Intergenerational Family Groups, Care Homes
  • Outreach for Families and any organization or business who wishes to encourage their partners, employees and volunteers to engage in conscious care with end of life

What Participants Are Saying

Frances Westover

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

Denise Abegg

Video Credit: Kim Holl – Stories Told on Film

Photo Credit: Dr. Robin J. Hood

To Inquire

Contact Penny
phone – 250 592 6400
email –

* Custom classes are available for organizations, families and groups

Upcoming Dates

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