Moving Towards The Roar

Cover Photo Credit: Colin J. McMechan

a deeper inquiry into the mysteries of life

A Seasonal Journey for Sassy and Sagacious Women

This program offered a seasonal Sunday gathering near the cross-quarter points in the old Celtic Calendar, times when a new season is emerging, rhythms change and energies of nature conspire to inform and support us.

Life calls for a different pace as we age, new questions arrive, fresh perception is necessary, and a deeper interest and inquiry into the mysteries of life and what it means to be earthlings and soul-beings on this wandering star that is our home.

To wonder – into not only what we want out of life, but what life is asking of us now.

To wander – with wild uncertainty.

Modern times call us into this inquiry with more fervor and fire than ever – fire on the land, creative fire, passion fire, digestive fire.

Not Currently Being Offered

For inquiries: or call Penny at 250 592 6400.