Living Well, Dying Well

An experiential approach to exploring the way that we live and die in modern times.

Turning To One Another

Bringing generations together to share, learn and witness.


Pausing to share sacred space together for somatic and spiritual resonance.

Continuing Circles of Care

Tending End-of-Life questions, concerns and planning in a monthly circle.

Navigating Transitions

Return to the soul’s highest values, deepen meaning and embody Elderhood.

Coming to Our Senses

Deepen community. Honour Elders in our midst. Explore the 4 healing salves.

Gratitude is our first, but not our only gift. We are storytellers, music makers, devisers of ingenious machines, healers, scientists, and lovers of an Earth who asks that we give our own unique gifts on behalf of life. Let us live in a way that Earth will be grateful for us.


~ Robin Wall Kimmerer