Raincoast Artists

remember our earliest connections to nature

Reconnect Ourselves to the ‘Other Than Human’ World

In the summer of 2013 acclaimed wildlife painter Mark Hobson partnered with Raincoast Foundation and gathered talented BC artists to a paint-in of the Great Bear Raincoast, a breathtakingly beautiful wild area nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountain Range.

At the time, the Centre for Earth & Spirit was running a storytelling project, lead by Margo McLoughlin:  Calling All Elders.  It was an invitation to remember our earliest connections to nature as a way to reconnect ourselves to the ‘other than human’ world and to place.  Robin June Hood and Ben Fox set off for the Great Bear Rainforest to capture the artists’ stories of how they connected to nature through their art. 

Calling All Elders

Stories of How These Artists Connected to Nature Through Their Art

Mark Hobson

Linda Dayan Frimer

Dianne Bersea

Mae Moore

Robert Bateman

Peggy Sowden

Alan Wylie

Stewart Marshall

Murray Phillips