Intensive Journalling

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A Life Changing Process

Gain greater direction, discover resources & possibilities

Through the Intensive Journal program, experience a life-changing process to give your life greater direction, vitality and purpose. Developed in 1966 by Dr. Ira Progoff, this nationally-recognized program has helped people lead more fulfilling lives. Discover resources and possibilities you could not have imagined.

The Intensive Journal method is an integrated system using writing exercises in a setting of privacy and quiet to help you; gain awareness about diverse areas of your life, connect with your real self and develop a more meaningful life.

The Intensive Journal

An innovative rehabilitation process

Through a grant from the Victoria Foundation, the Centre for Earth and Spirit is working in partnership with Our Place NEW ROADS: Therapeutic Recovery Community, to offer the Intensive Journal therapeutic writing program for federal parolees and those transitioning from prison. The program will engage small groups of qualified clients in a “trauma-informed care” process for building self-esteem and empathy for self and others in alleviating stigmatizing effects of childhood and adult trauma to empower individuals in re-establishing a sense of personal wholeness. The project goal is to support client re-integration with family, society and workplace. This project is coordinated and delivered by Bill Israel.

To Inquire Or Register

Bill Israel continues to facilitate Intensive Journal workshops for the general public via Zoom. To register, visit the Intensive Journal organization, the Family Caregivers Association of BC or contact Bill directly

Email –
Phone – Bill at 250 744 0590

** Custom classes are available for organizations, families and groups.

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