Nesting Well

Cover Photo Credit: Kim Holl

Telling Stories

Creative Ways to Age in Place

Exploring pioneering housing projects and regenerative communities that foster possibilities for a vibrant, connected, and resilient second half of life. Nesting Well is an innovative project designed to gather the compelling stories and lived experiences of pioneering people who are forging creative ways to age in place, along with a more harmonious way of living on earth.

After exploring ecovillages, home sharing, intentional communities and transition towns, we turned the camera to catch four vital stories.  We hope that they will inspire and create a ripple effect for all those who are searching for an alternative to institutional models of care.

If you have a story, a bright idea, or innovative solution that might contribute to this evolving project, we’d love to hear from you:

Circles Of Care

Grassroots Model of Care

Circles of Care is a short film illustrating a grassroots model of care that can be easily implemented in any community.


The story of O.U.R Ecovillage

This is the backstory and vision of O.U.R. Ecovillage, a 25-acre regenerative living demonstration site and education centre.  It was born out of a vision that invites people to come together, to share in their diversity, to live, learn and work together, from cradle to grave.

Harbourside Cohousing

A Model for Aging in Place

Harbourside Cohousing, located on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, is a vital, collaborative housing model for people in the second half of life, allowing residents to flourish through mutual support as they age in place within a vibrant community.

Lois Arkin & The Backstory to the L.A. Eco-village

The Story of The L.A. Ecovillage

This is the backstory of the L.A. Eco-village and one woman’s dream of forging a more harmonious and sustainable way of living.