Somatic Sovereignty

Somatic – the living, breathing, evolving organism we call our body

Sovereignty – self-governing, free, independent


Somatic Sovereignty – explores themes of somatic strength, resilience and adaptability, respons-ability to creation and the mysteries of life dreaming us into our evolutionary potential as embodied human’s kind.

Somatic Sovereignty – compliments any and all forms of yoga, movement, dance and exercise – restoring a sensible and sensual experience in every day life.

Somatic Sovereignty – is an ongoing inquiry into ways of supporting the direct experience of being embodied humans in all its messy, juicy, grievous and gracious forms.

Together we enter a field of inquiry into senses as portals, body as living process, and awareness unconditioned and unfolding.

Here, we slow down. We become explorers through breath, sound and movement, gently crossing thresholds into holy wells of awakened imagination. Here, our interest in sensual contact with both the grace and grit of human life is deepened.

We may discover through serendipity (happy accidents) our interspecies capacities and interdependence with all of life! Solidarity arrives through somatic sovereignty.

Penny Allport engages and invites awe in a fleshy and fierce experience of being human. Somatic Sovereignty is the fruit of over two decades of diving deep in Continuum, an inquiry based movement practice, Yoga, expressive arts, dream tending and a life long personal interest in intergenerational trauma and the lineage of shame. Facilitating gatherings in soul stewardship, creative process, perceptual play, dreamtime and ceremony, Penny’s infectious play and care for all of life as an ongoing revelation calls her into a practice of embodied presence, wild not knowing and courageous curiosity with cultural spells longing for re-enchantment.  Explore more at Penny Allport and MovingCeremonies.

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March 18, 2018  2:00 – 4:30 PM


Lynn Wylie-Helga Beer Yoga Studio

#202 – 1600 Bay Street


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It is possible to explore all practices sitting in a chair, standing, or lying.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow.