Video: Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Dear Humans
We are the matriarchs of the orcas, the mothers and the grandmothers of the pods who you call L, J and K, we protect the oceans and our soundings echo throughout the Salish Sea. We are putting out a fierce call to the humans who live around our shores to put you on notice that we are at great threat of perishing. In the last few years we have lost so many young ones, and then Granny and Skagit and the little one you call Sonnet and now Tahlequah (J35) gave birth and her baby died a few minutes later. Tahlequah carried her baby with her for 17 days.

Take Action

Please sign the petition for emergency action to protect our southern resident orcas.

We are the protectors of the oceans, the libraries of the ancestors, of both the land and the sea, and we are making a desperate call to humans to stop polluting our waters, increasing the number of tankers and making loud underwater noises.
Please protect our waters, allow us some silence underwater so that we can find our food and continue to sing our songs of praise and gratitude.
With love and respect from your orca relatives from the Salish Sea.
The orcas of J, K and L pods

Endorsed by:
Robin June Hood and Kim Holl | Centre for Earth and Spirit
Briony Penn and Jessie Toynbee | Orca Soundings

Please take action now.  Contact the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson ( and urge him to:
  • Take an emergency response to close the Chinook fisheries
  • Halt projects that increase tanker traffic
  • Enforce the Species at Risk Act for the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales
  • Follow Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s scientific recommendations

Do we want to be the ones who said we were there when the last of our resident orcas were lost? Or will we be the last ones to know what this place was once like? And will we have to answer when our ancestors ask us what we were doing to let the last of the orcas be lost? To let the last of our wild salmon be lost? – Nikki Sanchez (K-22 Seikiu)