Treasurer, Centre for Earth and Spirit Society

(Volunteer Position)

“Inspiring Consciousness for Human Responsibility to The Earth”

Since its inception in 2003, the Centre for Earth and Spirit Society (CESS) has been offering life-affirming programs that inspire consciousness for human responsibility to the Earth. The CESS is a non-profit organization with charitable status whose mission is to offer sacred spaces for cultivating meaningful conversation, contemplation, and community. Through world-view shifting action, we co-create opportunities to deepen relationships and reciprocity with the Earth and all beings.

Our offerings currently focus on embodied eco-spirituality, end-of-life, and somatic well- being. Our experienced facilitators host regular weekly and monthly programs (online and in person), contributing to expanding intergenerational and cross-cultural communities of care. Future areas of interest include land and place-based experiences and natural burials.
Please visit our website for to learn more about our work.

Treasurer Responsibilities:

• Oversee the financial administration of the CESS in cooperation with the bookkeeper, auditing firm and signatories for CESS accounts.
• Chair the Finance Committee of the board that meets quarterly – members include the chair and at least 1 board member
• Report to the board, liaise with the auditor, oversee the financial accountability of the organization according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and ensure the by-laws of the organization are followed.
• Work with the bookkeeper to prepare quarterly financial reports for the board and monthly financial reports for program directors.
• On an annual basis, the treasurer works with the auditor to prepare the annual financial statements and tax returns.

Treasurer Qualifications:

• Excellent knowledge and experience working with financial and administrative systems
• Integrity
• Fiscally responsible
• Excellent attention to details


General Board Qualifications

Ideal Skills/Experience:

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and leadership skills
  • Experience in fundraising, grant writing and/or project management


  • Has a deep interest and care for the continuation of the organization and unfolding our mission, beyond personal involvement
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Open-minded and collaborative
  • Able to prepare for meetings in advance
  • Has the time to contribute easily
  • Desire and commitment to steward the earth, water, air and all beings
  • Respectful of other perspectives while able to articulate one’s own opinion
  • Committed to inclusivity
  • Committed to ongoing processes of reconciliation with local and global First Peoples

General Board Responsibilities:

  • Attend regular board meetings in person, by telephone or by Zoom
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Participate in email discussions and decision making on an on-going basis
  • Participate in ad hoc committees as needed
  • Uphold CESS Constitution and Bylaws
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission, vision, and programming
  • Advocate on behalf of the organization
  • Serve as ambassador and champion of CESS
  • Identify prospective board members and assist with recruitment when necessary
  • Participate in the approval of the annual budget and monitor the financial performance of the society in relation to it

All Bodies are Welcome

The Centre for Earth and Spirit Society inspires wellness and wholeness for all beings. All bodies are welcome. We aspire to operate on principles of non-violent communication, and have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and discrimination.We honour historical and lived realities of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, Disabled and chronically ill people. We also recognize the intersectional challenges and trauma often faced by women (transgender and cisgender), non-binary, and female-identifying queer and two-spirit people. We create and include space for all beings as we walk together in this great time of awareness and deep systemic change.

For more information or to submit a letter of interest, please contact us at: