The world is round and the place that may seem like the end may also be the beginning.  – Ivy Baker Priest

We began as strangers and yet through the course of our conversation we revealed such intimate stories and feelings.

There was tragedy, sadness and great joy. There was a richness with being able to share meaningful conversations.

They take you somewhere you might not go by yourself.

– Participant

Living Well – Dying Well  successfully launched this past winter for a group of 26 participants eager to enter into the forbidden conversation.
This experiential, 4-week pilot program invited participants to speak openly about aging, death and dying as part of living vibrantly, often the forbidden conversations in contemporary western culture.
This was a chance to find meaning, build resilience and become an active participant in revitalizing what it means to age – with beauty, grace, vulnerability and courage.
The conversations about befriending death and non-attachment ran deep and opened a new channel of exploration and inquiry.  I discovered my inner compass.  – Participant

We are now in the process of preparing this vital, life-affirming program for communities to help transform and infuse life into conversations for life and end-of-life.  If you’d like to bring the Living Well, Dying Well program to your community, please contact us.