Living Well, Dying Well

The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.  

–  Epicurus

Living Well, Dying Well – New Online Program Starting January 27th


Living Well – Dying Well   6-week online program – January 27th – March 3rd, 2021

Some think of tending end-of-life as a step-by-step process.  The truth is, it’s a labyrinth – a journey that can take us in every direction and some we didn’t know were possible.  To enter takes courage – to meet what arrives, willing to be changed, while caring for ourselves, the earth and future generations.

Tending end-of-life has changed, and continues to as medical, technological and practical advances become a part of our collective experience. In its fifth year, LWDW continues to evolve in response to and with reverence for what is unfolding in these times. With COVID19 rapidly dismantling life and ways of being, there has never been a more poignant time to consider matters of life and death.

Living Well – Dying Well is a process-oriented program, meeting the needs of each participant where they are, with an invitation to join a group of peers exploring in the labyrinth together.  Within a safe container you may meet opinions that challenge you, hear experiences that soften and deepen you, be surprised and inspired as you tend your wishes and values, needs and care for your own death and thus life. 

Grief, when shared can warm us through collective attention to all we have lost in the past and more recently, providing a community hearth to grow in ceremony and restored rites of recognition. Appreciation and gratitude for life inspire latent capacities for remembering we are fleshy elemental beings, like all our kin in the natural world. In facing death we awaken humility and act with reverence and care for all of life, and the sovereignty of all beings.

Why six weeks?

Each week offers an opportunity to participate in discussions, dyads with others and receive practical support for preparing your Advanced Care Plan (it takes time!), as well as many soulful and practical details of meeting end-of-life in the modern world.  From the simple to the complex, no question is too small or insignificant – together we meet each other’s interest and curiosity, challenged and touched by the beauty of diversity and how each human has their own way.

We invite you to enter this inquiry with us, tend personal end-of-life care plans and engage in a larger conversation in community, with intention to take practical actions, increase awareness and grow healthy spaces in which we can live and die with consciousness and care for all.

Our next online program will be offered in a 6-week zoom format (1 ½ hour weekly class, followed by an optional half hour Q & AWednesdays, starting Jan 27th (1:00 – 3:00 pm).

Our journal, which offers space for reflection, current information and resources, will be sent electronically or by mail prior to our first session. 

We look forward to being with you in this potent time of change on the planet, to support each other and encourage consciousness and care with end of life in these times.  Registration below.


More about the Living Well, Dying Well Program:

Join a growing conversation on aging, death and dying.

Living Well, Dying Well is a multi-generational, experiential and soulful approach to the way we live and die in modern times.

Meaningful inquiry and dialogue invites participants into a deeper understanding of their personal challenges in relationship to death & dying.  Embraced in a safe and welcoming environment, compassion, belonging and curiosity blossom into significant and impactful action.

Drawing on community resources, cross-cultural wisdom, and collective insights harvested in each course, Living Well, Dying well is an evolving inquiry to encourage a respectful, honourable and eco-responsible approach for end of life.


Subjects tended:

  • Courageous conversations regarding your wishes with family, friends & medical providers
  • Personal beliefs and values translated into clear Advanced Care Directives
  • Community based resources available in end of life care
  • Co-creative circles of reciprocity & enhanced learning
  • Guided meditation & embodied practices to foster well-being
  • Options for home & family centred death care, vigils, and green burial options
  • Ceremony & Legacy – the art of giving well

Living Well Dying Well is offered as a 4-part series, (3-hours sessions once a week).  Included in the delivery are:  Snacks and refreshments, journal, and professional facilitation. No one turned away for lack of funds.  Bursaries are available on a ‘by donation basis’ for students and for those with little or no income.

Learn how you can bring this vital, life affirming program to benefit your community. 

For more information, contact:  Robin:  250-532-2629

Photos by Jim Flood



Click on the link below for program details and registration.  You might also consider hosting a program in your home or community for a minimum of 8 – 10 people.

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Thoughts on Preparing for End of Life

by Penny Allport

Articulating our values, beliefs and wishes for end of life choices is an evolving process.  Writing these down and taking action liberates energy to live well now.  What we choose for our body interment is our final statement of care for ourselves, the generations to come and the earth. Letting our loved ones know what these are can ease the burden of costly decisions made in haste, and leave a legacy of care. When we use the gift of consciousness by taking life affirming action we accept the presence of death as a natural part of life.  As a friend of mine living with cancer says, everybody’s going, but no one wants to pack!

Penny Allport is a Life-Cycle Celebrant and Co Facilitator for Living Well Dying Well.