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Living Well, Dying Well program to your community.

Living Well, Dying Well

In many communities and families, aging, death and dying are often topics we avoid.  In the absence of these meaningful conversations, there is a good chance that we will face end of life issues in crisis, with fear, anxiety and isolation.  What if we could talk openly about aging, death and dying as part of living vibrantly?

Living Well, Dying Well shines a light on the barriers that seniors face that prevent them from living vibrant lives and sharing their wisdom. Through this program, seniors are invited to become active participants in revitalizing what it means to age – with beauty, grace, vulnerability and courage.

Crossing cultural boundaries and creating conversation circles that include seniors of all ages, the project invites participants to share successful ways they have navigated the continuum of life through to the final transition.  It will share stories of the way that some have succeeded in embracing a healthy attitude towards dying well.

This workshop is a chance to:

  1. Transform the ‘forbidden’ conversations on death and dying, restoring grace and dignity
  2. Reduce fear and isolation & adopt a healthy orientation towards aging and the final chapter of life
  3. Apply new skills for meaningful conversations with family, friends and healthcare professionals about aging and end-of-life care
  4. Adopt mindfulness techniques to achieve peace & well-being, even in the absence of good health
  5. Identify personal barriers and remedies to address social isolation
  6. Develop tools for personal acceptance and empowerment
  7. Connect with community resources to support ongoing health and well-being in the second half of life.

The conversations about befriending death and non-attachment ran deep and opened a new channel of exploration and inquiry.  I discovered my inner compass.  –  Participant