Time Out of Time - Changing Wom(b)en

Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary  |  Victoria, BC

A Quarterly Gathering for Wom(b)en meeting the changes of midlife and beyond!!

Become an apprentice to the elements – Each offering will be held in a container of elemental care and wisdom.


Earth – To Stay and be Stayed – February 2
Air – To Stir & Be Stirred – May 3
Fire – to Spark and be Sparked – July 26
Water – To swell and be Swelled – November 1
Cost: $125 for one or $400 for all four (by January 25th, 2020)
HOLD YOUR SPOT AND MORE INFO:  PennyAllport@gmail.com
Changing Wom(b)en

by Penny Allport

A gathering of wom(b)en called 
to inquire and engage 
murmurs of midlife
peri-menopause as portal
rustles of unrest as remembrance
menopause as matrix for birthing one’s mystery
a culture hungry, thirsting 
for authentic engaged mature and magical 
In this time
of earth’s emergence
womb wisdom is essential
No longer in realms of diagnosis, symptoms and pathology,
these heralds of change 
urge women
root deep
listen wide
see far
touch the untouchable
become midwives of 
your own unfolding
archetype and embodied way of being
defies gender, age 
choice to give birth (or not)
exposed and engaged as
transforming clay container of care


Penny Allport, has been stewarding gatherings of women for over 25 years, inspired by Nature, apprenticed to the elements, guided by dreams and moved by inquiry based practices of embodiment (Continuum) and Portals of Perception, Yoga and trauma informed somatic practices and skills.  As a Celebrant, Penny offers a sound container for ceremony and ritual to arise and unfold in the Mystery’s own sweet time.

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