deepen our roots, open our hearts


Wednesdays beginning September 16th

4:00 to 4:30 pm

As these times call us to deepen our roots in home and open our hearts to the world, we feel called to offer an opportunity to be together in somatic and spiritual resonance.

We will meet on ZOOM and take a moment to create sacred space together. After a brief check-in to include everyone in the circle, we will explore a somatic practice based in the wisdom of Nature.  Deep embodied awareness practices can bring us into somatic resonance with one and other, as our nervous systems align for a moment of re-calibration.

We have chosen Wednesdays as a midweek – liminal time, which mirrors this liminal place we are all in – neither here nor there, betwixt and between, in a slow and significant transition together as one humanity.

Throughout history all species go through times of fragility and are faced with threats to their very survival – humans, as we are experiencing now, are not immune to this.  We can call upon the wisdom of nature and her consorts – the elemental forces of all life as allies and healers – perhaps we will then begin to recognize them as kin again, rather than “resources” to exploit. These are potent times!!

 Join by Zoom


If you aren’t familiar with Zoom, please plan to come on the call at 3:50 pm to sort out any technical challenges.


Contact us for more information: Penny ( Offered free of charge.