Photo Credit: Leslye Davis | The New York Times

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ” –  Mary Oliver. 

As John gently left on his return to his beloved cosmos, he revealed a world that was a little better, a little kinder. He inspired curiosity and thoughtfulness and evoked within everyone he met, a sense of possibility and grace. His imagination was limitless as was his generosity of spirit. He blazed a trail in death as he did in life, becoming one of the first to participate in the process for medical assistance in dying.

His most cherished legacy in the final chapter of his life was the Centre for Earth and Spirit, this small charity with its rich purpose, encouraging earth stewardship and conscious engagement through artful, life-affirming programs for participants from cradle to grave.

It is here that he planted his heart and soul since 2006 with the hope that all he planted would continue to flourish long after his passing, igniting a compelling ripple effect.