Join the Centre for Earth and Spirit – We are Seeking a Treasurer and Directors at Large to Inspire Consciousness for Human Responsibility to The Earth!



The Centre for Earth and Spirit Society is a charitable organization whose mission is to offer sacred spaces for cultivating meaningful conversation, contemplation, and community. Through life affirming action, we co-create opportunities to deepen relationships and reciprocity with the Earth and all beings. 



We offer programs that explore meaningful themes such as tending end of life matters with consciousness and care (Living Well Dying Well) or opportunities for connecting through the heart (Turning to One Another and Being Together). We are dreaming about natural/conservation burials, and land and place-based experiences.



Does our mission speak to you or someone you know at this time? If so, we are looking for heart-centred people to be a part of our Board to co-create new ways to bring our mission into being. If you also have experience and a penchant for numbers and financial matters we are seeking a Treasurer.



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Please contact us at for more information.